The final episode of the River Signal. Featuring sounds from the entire season and the conclusion to the story of the three travelers

The travelers arrive in the delta

The travelers discover they are not the only ones after the great fish

A dark freighter threatens the submarine and its broadcast

Following a cave along the river, the travelers discover a strange new vessel and it’s inhabitants.

The travelers set out on their own through a labyrinthine barge

Stranded by the floodwaters, the travelers find themselves in need of a bridgebuilder

Separated in the storm, the travelers find their way to the Delta Queen.

A howling wind drives the animals down from the mountain and forces the Channel Princess to seek refuge at the windmill beneath Fulton Bluff

Stuck in the sticks, we meet Driftwood Denny and hear the story of a mysterious sternwheeler.

Episode 6 features a giant carp, a damn fine Tamale, and the music and voice of Charlie Parr.

After the Channel Princess gets sucked into the labyrinthine underbelly of Lock and Dam #1, the crew encounters a band of rebels known as the Roaches. Featuring spoken-word poetry from Guante.

The Channel Princess hits the Mississippi with a few detours for marine sealant and metallo-voric leeches. Featuring the music of The Dumpy Jug Bumpers

In this episode, an agro-techno-thriller featuring weirdo synth and screaming insects, the crew spend a few days at a besieged farm owned by Galen’s uncle. Featuring the music and voice of Steve Kelzer.

The session features music by Steve Kelzer. The Point of No Return features Tom Sedio on guitar and Jack Jodell on vocals. Ed Salden wrote the lyrics for Children of the Sun.

In this episode, the crew visit a steamship trading post, meet a traveling saleswomen with a raft full of river potions, and confront a powerful force known only as “the howl.” Featuring the music of Elisabeth Pixley-Fink and the voice of Ron Spurgeon.


In the first episode of The River Signal, three travelers are drawn downstream, in search of a giant carp and a mysterious radio station. Featuring the music of Jet Black Pearl and the voice of Kitty Rocket.