Deep dreaming with the Channel Princess – 2 inch portrait by: @emccucumber

Wintertime for Channel Princess. Safe and warm on a hilltop

Coming out!

Meep meep
#riverboat #roadboat

Before the first chunks of ice start flowing down the Hudson, we’re pulling the Channel Princess out of the water to live high on a hill somewhere until springtime returns.
#riversignal #riverboat #landboat

Making a hitch for the trailer with Dad. Hoping to pull the boat onto dry land before the Hudson gets icy
#riversignal #hudsonriver #sonoftheblacksmith

Lighthouses of the Hudson River

Bridge over the Hudson. That brings our bridge count up to 322 if I’m not mistaken

Passing Bannerman’s Island. An abandoned ex-arsenal in a faux-castle.

The Channel Princess on the Hudson River near Poughkeepsie. Moored in the shadow of the Palisades