High tide in low-country. Docked at my friend Cat’s fishing shack turned homestead after a thunderstorm. Cat’s ducks are loving the spontaneous waterworld

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Old pictures: Swamped in the Louisiana bayou

Old Photos: Channel Princess with a fresh crew of 5 crossing Lake Borgne out past the Rigolets

That time last summer when we were biking through rural Cuba after leaving the sailboat at harbor. 5 miles from the nearest town in the middle of nowhere we pass a cake delivery bicycle… #cakemystery #cakesacrosscuba #tourdecake #vibrationresistantfrosting #riversignal 📹by @thisworldnelle

Old Mississippi photos: Reid running the muddy river on our dear friend Log #riversignal #hazardstonavigation #pooltoys

dinghy oars are the socks of the riverboater #lonelyoar #ripdinghy #oceanwashingmachinemetaphors

Old photos: And then there was that time that our diesel busted 40m offshore of Cuba and we were stuck pitching in the swell until we hand filed new engine bleed screws and annealed copper washers on the cookstove.
Mitch was at that rat-tail file for a long time.

Thanks to a badass crew and @thisworldnelle for taking the video.

Old Pictures: Stopped for supplies outside Cementland near St. Louis

Old pictures: The Channel Princess races at 2mph across the Pensacola river

Old pictures: Channel Princess running out to the Columbia River all sneaky-like

Looking at you @beescout and @krammbot!