Just put up the video of Gray playing some of their music aboard the S.V. Dolphin at anchor. Crazy beautiful night.
We’re 50m off the coast of Florida on Dry Tortugas island. This was 2 days before we all sailed south to Havana.
The whole video is at www.vimeo.com/theriversignal

The Channel Princess is in Charleston SC.

// Getting ready for a trip up the east coast this year.  Stay Tuned

The final episode of the River Signal. Featuring sounds from the entire season and the conclusion to the story of the three travelers

The travelers arrive in the delta

Objekt 12 perform on the Wolf River Harbor in Memphis, TN as the Channel Princess motors upstream.

The travelers discover they are not the only ones after the great fish

On a rainy day in Memphis, the Memphis Dawls perform inside the cabin of the Channel Princess, moored on the Wolf River

Beth Bombara performs “Heavy Heart” along the industrial St. Louis waterfront. Beth is featured in Episode 12 of The River Signal.

A dark freighter threatens the submarine and its broadcast

Following a cave along the river, the travelers discover a strange new vessel and it’s inhabitants.